A personalized follow-up
to reconcile you with your image

An image consultant can help you make successful transitions in your life, your look, your wardrobe, foot management and your body.

The importance of your image

The importance of your image

Why restyling?

Personal and professional success

Your image is one of the most powerful tools to increase your personal and professional success. More tips on fashionfile.co.uk.

Personal development

When we want to get to know each other better, we feel the need to express this impulse, this change through our look.

Complete makeover

The relooking allows you to finally highlight your assets in accordance with your personality and your tastes.
Complete makeover

There's nothing wrong with changing your look from time to time.


Makeover: learn the right gestures and assert yourself!

Face makeover


A successful make-up is discreet and magnifies you... Learn the right reflexes and dare!


Once specified, it will help to know the most suitable colors for your facial skin tone.
self make-up

Self Makeup

Thanks to the suggested tips, you'll have make-up within your reach and you'll have fun doing it!


The analysis of facial morphology allows us to advise on the hairstyles that suit you best.
Enhance your shape

Enhance your shape

Perfect feminine shape

Appreciate your body!

Slim figure

Belly and buttocks



Love handles

Physical activities


Fashion makeover

Fashion makeover

How to do ti?

Colours that make you shine

Colours that make you shine

There are colors we like and colors we don’t. And yet, the ones that suit us best are not necessarily the ones we like. To avoid the risk of a faux pas, start by passing different colours of fabric in front of your face.

Adapt your wardrobe

Adapt your wardrobe

How can you give yourself a makeover without taking your morphology into account? Impossible! For a perfect makeover, choose clothes that make you look your best.

The power of make-up

The power of make-up

As for make-up, choose light shades, adapted to the colours of the clothes you wear. You can also opt for eyelash extension like those available at MISENCIL for instance. This makes you look prettier!

Careers as an image consultant

Qualified professionals easily find a multitude of jobs as personal stylists, personal shoppers, fashion consultants, fashion journalists, TV stylists, brand image consultants, personal marketing strategy coaches, colour consultants and wardrobe consultants. All of these career opportunities are unique and offer slightly different goals.

You may even think that these careers all sound impressive and that it would be difficult for you to choose just one, but the good news is that the majority of these certified professionals enjoy careers that combine all of these image specialties (and more!).

image consultant

The work of an image consultant

What is it based on?


The image consultant accompanies the individual in the improvement of his appearance, and many other details. This is achieved through individual consultations, presentations, seminars and workshops.

Image consultants

What you wear is a reflection of who you are. So if what you wear gives a false impression of the real you, it’s time for a change! The Image consultant can help you in this process in a simple and user-friendly way.


The personal and professional image consultant has the ability to communicate well with his listeners. He pays special attention to his clients whose transformations begin when they display a new appearance.