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leather jacket with jeans

Guide to wear a leather jacket with jeans

Sometimes it can seem not very easy to get the perfect leather jacket style, especially if you are thinking of throwing in some pants to be part of the outfit. A combination of leather jackets and pants might be the…

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Tips for stunning eyelashes!

Girls beware: get ready to discover the best tips to easily apply false eyelashes and make your mascara last longer! It’s a great way to get a doe’s look in any situation. Apply your false eyelashes well to get beautiful…

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How to apply false magnetic eyelashes?

For a doe’s eyes, false eyelashes are precious allies. But the classic glue-based application discourages many people from using them. Good news! To still have XXL lashes, count on magnetic false lashes. Magnetized, they are very easy to apply. How…

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How to take care of your clothes?

Taking care of your clothes goes through several stages. Choosing good quality clothes, being vigilant about the washing machine and storing them properly in your dressing room are essential steps if you want to preserve the beauty and the appearance…

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How to dress when you are short?

How to dress when you’re less than 5 feet tall? Which cuts should you choose? What kind of patterns to choose? These are all questions that we are led to ask ourselves if we don’t know how to highlight our…

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How do you develop your charisma?

As well as style, charisma is worked on. We often think that charisma is something innate. But like any discipline, charisma is worked on, improved and developed. Today I give you 5 pieces of advice to improve your charisma and…

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How do you get the false eyelashes out?

Having become real fashion accessories, false eyelashes allow you to enhance your eyes. As important as it is to know how to apply them, it is essential to know how to remove them without damaging your natural lashes. How to…

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Facial makeover

Adapting make-up techniques to your face but also to your colours is essential. Demonstration in support! The implementation of the advice is immediate during a face makeover since it first results in a course of self makeup. The gestures are…

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How to take good care of frizzy hair?

Each hair type requires specific care. For frizzy hair, maintenance is a little time-consuming, but with time and habits, it only takes a few minutes. The main thing is to identify the right methods to adopt for better care of…

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