Organize your dressing room

A lot of clothing combinations for a reasonable budget, is it possible? To begin with, make an objective and complete selection of your wardrobe. What you haven't put on for two years is now useless and takes up your storage space unnecessarily. A basic rule of thumb is to keep only seven items of the same category of clothing (seven pants, seven jackets, seven sweaters, seven blouses, etc.) all seasons combined. You'll soon see... These items you keep must please you, bring you aesthetic pleasure or well-being, you must really love them and be sure to wear them regularly. The accumulation clutters up space and mind and confuses you in the choice of your outfits. Minimalism is healthy and makes room for what you really like. Lighten up! You'll see how good simplicity feels. Next, make sure you have the clothing essentials that allow you to invest in only a few pieces per season and keep unnecessary expenses to a minimum. These essentials, generally called basics, are those essential clothes and accessories that you put on and put off every day and that you keep for several years. Well, for these elements, do not hesitate to aim for quality, it will necessarily be profitable. Once the base of your wardrobe has been built, you can add a few pieces per season, according to the trend or not, in accordance with your desires, your colors and your style. And above all, get rid of the superfluous items that no longer serve you.

It's as simple as that!

Most women have overflowing closets and never know what to wear... What is the point of owning such quantities of clothing only to end up exploiting only a tiny part of it? Knowing the colours that highlight you can also be very interesting before sorting, so you will know which colour range to choose. The other secret is to know the forms of clothing that highlight your shape, so you will not make any more mistakes and you will know at once which forms of dresses, skirts, jackets, pants will go to.
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