Guide to wear a leather jacket with jeans

leather jacket with jeans

Sometimes it can seem not very easy to get the perfect leather jacket style, especially if you are thinking of throwing in some pants to be part of the outfit. A combination of leather jackets and pants might be the “safest” way to get a distinct look for an outfit, but it’s essential to know the best ways to make it work. IRO for men is a perfect place to start when looking for leather jackets.

The iro mens leather jacket are some of the best jackets to consider anytime you plan to get a unique look with pants. There are hundreds of ways that you can style with leather jackets. If you are wondering how to do this, then here are some styles that you can use to make the most out of your leather jacket look.

Leather Jacket and Black Pants

Wearing leather jackets with black pants may seem common, but it is a timeless look. These outfits never go out of style, so you can be sure to not only have a simple but also an outfit that stands out anywhere you go. A black leather jacket with black pants never is the simplest way to style if you are in a dilemma on what to wear. You can always contrast the dark look with a white t-shirt or a lighter shade of grey.

Leather Jacket with Ripped Pants

Ripped pants can make a huge difference in your outfit with a leather jacket compared to just wearing plain pants. Keep the pants skinny and fitting. Black ripped jeans are standard, but you can always try other neutral-coloured pants with a black leather jacket. You can try to throw in a white t-shirt or even a tank top to go with the look.

Leather Jacket with Blue Pants

It is better to have more than one colour of pants in your wardrobe to experiment and see what works for you. One colour that always works with black leather jackets is blue pants. You can try a biker’s jacket with blue pants since it adds more details to the blue pants. The combination is a direct way to make you look very cool without even thinking much about the accessories. Combining the look with a light coloured hoodie or just a casual t-shirt can create the look even better.

Suede Leather Jackets

It is good to have different types of leather jackets. A suede leather jacket is a perfect addition to your leather jacket collection. You can have both black and brown suede leather jackets and pair them with different colours of pants. To have more colour in your outfit, try the suede leather jacket with blue pants and thrown in a multicoloured shirt on top of it. Ripped pants can also work very well with a brown suede leather jacket for any casual event out there.

Sleeveless Leather Jackets

Sleeveless leather jackets give you so many options. Black sleeveless leather jackets are great if you want to mix up colours to make your entire outfit more unique. It goes well with blue jeans and black pants as well. Since it is sleeveless, try wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt or even a cardigan. Keep the colours as neutral as possible for this type of outfit.

Belted Leather Jackets

Wearing belted jackets adds that unique feel to the look. The added details to the jackets make them stand out, especially when you combine them with some pants. You can try using some faded pants, either blue, black or grey. A plain t-shirt can go well with this outfit.


IRO mens leather jacket are perfect if you want to get all these different looks. Every type of leather jacket is available to have that diversity in your wardrobe and have an easier time planning to have any leather jacket look.

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