How to wear turquoise stone jewellery ?

turquoise stone

Turquoise stone was first discovered and exploited by the Egyptians for decoration and fashion. The stone was mainly in the arms of mummies in the form of jewellery bracelets. This stone was also being used in Persia widely as a form of currency for other important objects. In India and Tibet, natural stones were used in jewellery for making pendants, necklaces, jewels, and bracelets. It was also important for its medicinal virtues and in the making of art. In the United States, the Native Americans associated it with many virtues. The Apaches considered the stone for its association with the sea and sky, guiding and protecting warriors and hunters. The Navajo believed the stone was a block of heaven that had come down to them on earth. The Aztecs regarded this stone as very powerful to be put on by humans and that gods were the only one who could wear. During the rebirth, the stone became well known in Europe and later spread gradually.

Litho therapy is another medical system that uses the colours and energy of stones to coordinate the body. It can also be referred to as the healing energy of natural stone when humans wear it. Litho therapy is derived from the Greek words lithos (stone) and therapeia (care), which means the method to care by using earth stones. Minerals and stones have qualities and vibrations that can help remove psychological and physical stress from the human body. When these pendants are worn, they are considered to treat the body part they are natively connected to. Lithotherapy uses stones energy to maintain a balance between the body, spirit, and mind. It can help at the spiritual and psychological level as well as at the physical level. The stone’s energy relates to its colour, chemical composition, and form. The stones have been using for healing since ancient times. During the early civilization times, the stones were used for healing in ceremonies and rituals. The early people also believed that minerals could enhance their fertility and boost their power. They also believed that stones could protect against evil spirits. Presently, the stone is largely used in jewellery for making pendants, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and jewels. The goldsmiths are very passionate about it and therefore making this stone to be liked by many.

The following are the main ways of how to use turquoise stone in lithotherapy.

Stone’s mental benefits and stress management

The stone helps calmer and reduce all the forms of anger mentally, and it also increases empathy. They relate to the general body relaxation, and thus they induce positive thinking in both unstressed and stressed individuals. People who go through this therapy are guaranteed stress reduction during the session as the stones let out the negative aspects. It improves personal satisfaction and can be used for encouraging expression with others through listening and communication. Litho therapists use the stone at the third eye chakra to grow intuitions or strengthen meditation sessions. On the heart chakra, stone increases friendship, stimulates friendship and love, and calms anger. This stone also reduces fatigue, controls mood swings, stops one from acting on impulse, and clears the moral sense.

The stone’s physical benefits

The natural stone has pain-relieving properties on the people who use it. For example, some natural stone jewellery necklaces are viewed to be efficient in reducing the consequences of teething on infants. The teething process is usually full of pain, and thus some parents prefer using these pain-relieving elements to reduce the pain that the children will experience. When the infants put on these necklaces, they release succinic acid, which has the pain-relieving properties. The baby will then absorb the acid, which will stimulate the body, thus minimizing swelling on the baby’s body. To a great extent, both babies and adults can feel the natural stone’s therapeutic components and benefit from it. You should always watch babies to reduce the chances of strangulation, but adults have no issue because they can easily handle gemstone jewellery like necklaces around their bodies. These stones work in ensuring that intestinal pains are reduced when one wears them. Physically, the stone’s main effects are on pain, the nervous system, and bodily fluids. The stone regulates and cleanses bodily fluids like blood, urine, sperm, or hormonal secretions on the Sacral Chakra. The heart chakra controls the nervous system, therefore, consolidating the immune system. On the solar plexus, this stone prevents poisoning and excess cholesterol. Lastly, the Throat Chakra prevents diseases of the throat and the lungs. These stones strengthen the energy fields as well as the meridians. Consistently to curb excess, stones lower excess acidity, hence regulating nutrition. It is commonly used with therapists to heal the stomach for cramps, rheumatism, and all types of pains like muscular pains. During this time, if the women wear it continuously, it will be a good remedy for those suffering from premenstrual syndrome and the other problems related to menstruation. This stone is anti-inflammatory and detoxifying. The stone also aids in improving vision and specifically can be used to cure diseases like cataracts.

Improves Vision and Fights Addiction

Smoking and Alcohol addictions are usually very hard to deal with without getting some professional assistance or help. Natural stone therapies are well known to get along with the circumstances by ensuring that the people using them take control of their bodies and thirst. The effectiveness and usefulness of the natural stones are observed more when they are always worn or kept near to the person in question in all situations. The natural stone jewellery repels waves and negative energy in all circumstances. Considering that addiction is negative energy, the stone’s presence reduces the risks of giving in to it. The natural stone reduces the elements that stimulate addiction. For example, some people engage in alcoholism and smoking because of a lack of control and stress; the stones thus manage and eliminate these features in both the long-term and short-term spheres. The mineral stones are put in the eye curve area, which increases a person’s vision in both the long and the short-term. The outcomes are associated with gentle massages on the place, strengthening the use of the person’s eyes regardless of whether the individual has eye issues. This is the usual feature of the natural stone because of its relaxation factors and elements. The integrated stone virtues reduce blood pressure, stress and at last, the person gains control of blood circulation and hormones. Perfect circulation of blood reduces chest pains and minimizes headaches that people may experience.

Promotes Self-confidence, Self-control, Proper Blood circulation, Regulation of Human Hormones, and Self Connection.

Under some circumstances, anger and nervousness can lead to distressing actions. The natural stone has decency that promotes the ability and calming effect to invite forgiveness and compassion. This precious stones stimulate self-confidence, which increases the ability to get control over acts that define and matter to our lives. During this process, self-confidence and self-control call for positive energy and perspective towards life despite the situations at hand. Natural stone therapy promotes the re-connection of oneself with nature. Mineral stones develop from the ground and usually take many years for them to form fully. During their formation, they are provided with telluric energy, which arises from the underground flowing currents. The energy is moved from the hand-crafted stone jewellery to the wearer through vibrations. The frequencies of energy are liable for strengthening and unblocking the weak bodies. Therefore, these acts will be liable for the meditation feeling which occurs when in contact with the precious stones. Precisely, gemstones have elements like magnesium that are used for re-boosting and soothing tired organisms. In human beings, this component improves biological functions. Their contact with the skin also promotes massage in the area of concern. Considering the above benefits and virtues, one can say that gemstones are beneficial and helpful as they enhance and strengthen human welfare. They boost both the internal and physical health of the people who wear them. Even in the medical field, healing usually starts from the inner part then moves to the physical body later. The precious stones greatly contribute to the healing of various ailments and are thus worth spending money on. Other than the healing process, gems supplement a person’s beauty. This is because some of them possess the sparking element, which changes with the environment’s change. They can be blended with various outfits for various occasions to enhance the reputation, impression, courage, and confidence of the wearer. To get the best results and outcome out of these gems, it is important always to wear. Despite the negative prospects of these stones, it is important always to keep them intact. In the end, both internal and external benefits will be enjoyed by the persons concerned.

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