How to apply false magnetic eyelashes?

For a doe's eyes, false eyelashes are precious allies. But the classic glue-based application discourages many people from using them. Good news! To still have XXL lashes, count on magnetic false lashes. Magnetized, they are very easy to apply. How to apply false magnetic eyelashes? We'll explain. A true beauty accessory, false eyelashes are a great success, especially for women with short lashes or those in the mood for extravagance. Visit if you want to see some examples of eyelash extensions. The problem is that you often have to be a real make-up pro or have a lot of time to apply them correctly. The glue overflows, the strip does not stay in place, false lashes do not blend well with natural ones... Not to mention the step where they have to be removed. In short, a little ordeal! I didn't count on the magnetic false eyelashes! It is an innovation in the world of beauty that will delight many. Moreover, they can be worn by women allergic to false eyelash glue.

Applying magnetic false eyelashes: the different steps

The first step is to apply your make-up normally and especially your mascara. Next, position the upper fringe of the magnetic false lashes flush with your natural lashes. Third step: do the same with the lower part. Each fringe has a magnet. At this point, the attraction works and your natural lashes are well positioned between the false lashes. That's it! You can then enjoy your doe look, all day long or only in the evening. And to remove magnetic false eyelashes, nothing could be easier. Just grab them gently between your fingers. Pull the fringe from top to bottom and from bottom to top.

Two mistakes to avoid when applying false magnetic eyelashes

To make your false eyelashes last longer, you can avoid certain mistakes. First of all, choose pencil over eyeliner and any liquid makeup around the eyes. They will adhere better to your eyelids and this will prevent them from running your makeup. Second, don't put mascara on false eyelashes. They are self-sufficient!
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