How do you get the false eyelashes out?

Having become real fashion accessories, false eyelashes allow you to enhance your eyes. As important as it is to know how to apply them, it is essential to know how to remove them without damaging your natural lashes. How to remove individual false eyelashes? We will explain it to you.

How to remove individual false eyelashes with false eyelash glue remover?

Individual false lashes are fixed on top of the lashes with semi-permanent glue that contains cyanoacrylate or super glue. This glue can sometimes be difficult to remove, so to avoid tearing off the real lashes, use a solvent for false lash glue. It is best to choose the same brand as the false eyelash glue and adapted to your skin type. Visit for more about eyelashes products. Before using it, one should carefully remove make-up from the eyes with a make-up remover to facilitate the removal of false eyelashes. A small amount of solvent will be placed on a make-up remover cotton pad and the eyelid will be gently rubbed until most of the make-up has disappeared. If you have mascara, do not try to remove it, as it could tear off the false eyelashes. Then, on a cotton swab, you apply the remover and then apply it to the false lashes by gently rubbing the base of the false lashes. Repeat the operation several times to remove as much glue as possible and leave it on for about 20 minutes. Then, the individual false lashes can be gently removed. The eyelashes are grasped as close as possible to the eyelid, starting at the inner corner of the eye, and then the false eyelashes are gently folded upwards to remove them. If resistance is felt, apply a little remover and wait a few seconds before starting again. Once the false eyelashes are removed, remove the excess glue remaining on the lashes with a cotton swab soaked in solvent.

How to remove individual false lashes with make-up remover?

Before removing the false lashes, remove your make-up using the same product but without trying to remove the mascara so as not to damage the false lashes. Then, you pour make-up remover on a cotton bud and gently rub the lash line where the glue is. Small balls of glue will form as you go along. Once all the glue has been removed, the false eyelashes are removed either with your fingers or with tweezers to avoid damaging them from the inner corner of the eye.

How to remove individual false lashes with oil?

Using oil to remove your false lashes is a very effective method as long as you don't want to reuse your false lashes! Indeed, coconut, sweet almond or mineral oil will easily remove the glue but will also cover and soak your false eyelashes. You start by rubbing your eyelids with oil to remove makeup and begin to impregnate the glue on the false lashes. Then, you pour warm water on your eyelids and continue rubbing with oil. At this point, the false eyelashes will begin to peel off. All that remains is to grab the false eyelashes as close as possible to the eyelids and starting from the inner corner of the eye, gently pull them out. With the oil, remove the glue residue remaining on the lashes and finish by cleaning the face.
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