Freedom, uniqueness, beauty!

Taking charge of your physical appearance, i.e. the colour of your eyes, your skin, your hair, the shape of your face and your body, is a way to get to know yourself better, to learn how to enhance yourself and feel good about yourself, this is the main objective of image consultancy. "One just cannot stop their true colours from shining through" it is said, in fact, it is not advisable to go in the opposite direction of what you are, be faithful to your bases, to what you are inside and outside. Stop comparing yourself to others, what looks good on friends or women you meet in the street is not necessarily beautiful on everyone.

All women are unique

What wonderful news to learn that a woman is a UNIQUE combination of particular data that make her beautiful. What you are and above all your personality is your strength, cultivate your differences, become aware of your own radiance. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!! Femininity is multiple, but you still have to let it express itself. A simple exercise. Observe yourself in a mirror. I see you coming, stop criticizing! No, it's not lucidity, it's masochism! Change your gaze, no more censorship! Instead of judging, of tracking down the faults, look at yourself as you would look at a dear friend, compliment yourself, dare to be proud of your body as it is. Get out of your head the visual pollution of models, artificial and manufactured beauties! From now on, your model is you, you are like that, learn to love your curves or your big size or your wrinkles or your nose or your cellulite or your flat hair etc.. Solutions exist to adopt all the specificities. A positive view of yourself is essential to be fulfilled in your relationship with others. Imagine yourself differently. Have fun, express yourself, be creative, a hairstyle, colour, an accessory can underline a facet of your singularity which is your greatest asset. To put it simply, you are not your image, fashion, clothes, make-up must adapt to you and not the other way around! You have only one life, you have only one self, LOVE YOU and DARE TO BE YOU, AS YOU ARE. Beauty is flexible, evolving, connect your beauty with who you are, it is essential. Nothing is forbidden, nothing is imposed, choose your look according to who you are!
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