Tips for stunning eyelashes!

Girls beware: get ready to discover the best tips to easily apply false eyelashes and make your mascara last longer! It's a great way to get a doe's look in any situation.

Apply your false eyelashes well to get beautiful lashes

Place a mirror on the table, rest your elbows and lean directly on the glass to apply the false eyelashes like those you can find at for instance. After choosing eyelashes, place a mirror on the table and put your elbows on it to have an ultra-stale position (without shaking). This position will allow you to see perfectly what you are doing while applying the false eyelashes. First, stick the false eyelashes around the handle of a make-up brush to give them the rounded shape of the eye and thus create a better adhesion.

Apply the false eyelash glue with the tip of a clean cotton bud

To better control the amount of glue, squeeze the tube a little on the tip of a Q-tip, then spread evenly along the base of the false lashes.

Wait a few seconds for the glue to set and then apply

Or apply the glue directly flush with your lashes rather than on the lash line to make it easier to apply. If you have trouble applying the glue to the lash line, the other solution is to draw a line flush with the upper lashes with the glue, let it dry and then fix the false lashes on top.

Cut the false eyelash strip in 2 or 3 parts to facilitate the application

A whole strip of lashes is more difficult to apply than fractions of false lashes. So cut the strip in 3.

Start with the outer corners, then the inner corners and finish in the middle

Once the false eyelashes have been applied, use a black liquid liner to eliminate the demarcations between real and false eyelashes. Try to glue the false eyelash strip as close as possible to the real eyelashes. But if a gap still appears, simply apply a line of black eyeliner to fill it in. It's better than starting the break again and no one will see the difference between real and false eyelashes! To remove the false eyelash strip easily, place a cotton pad soaked in eye make-up remover, leave on the eyelid for a few seconds and pull the strip out.
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