All you need to know about eyelash extensions!

Are your eyelashes ultra-short? They are stiff, thin, and not very full? A solution exists to sublimate your look: eyelash extensions. This article tells you everything about false eyelashes, from application to makeup.

What are eyelash extensions?

Based on the same principle as hair extensions, eyelash extensions consist of adding a few extra lashes to your own lashes. Check for more about classic eyelash extensions. To do this, you can play with false lashes for a few hours. Or you can go to a specialized institute to have your eyelashes extended for several weeks. On the spot, the beautician will apply synthetic lash strands that she spreads in the middle of your lashes.

What is the difference between false eyelashes and eyelash extensions?

If they are both synthetic and if they allow to densify the lashes, false lashes are temporary and can in no case be applied for more than 24 hours, while the second are more permanent. Eyelash extensions also offer a more natural result, since the lashes are glued strand by strand and the length of each strand is determined according to your desires, but also to the nature of your lashes. ?

How long does it last?

We have tested lash extensions: the result lasts 4 to 8 weeks. The application lasts at least a good hour. Each strand is glued on the lash, and not on the skin, with natural glue. The application is of course completely painless. During these 4 weeks, you can of course make up your eyes and use, among other things, mascara. You just have to be careful not to rub your eyes too hard.

Who are eyelash extensions for?

For those who have stiff, thin, thin and/or short lashes. Those who want to save time in the morning and no longer need to use eyelash curlers.

The dangers of eyelash extensions

Pay attention to the quality of the products. It cannot be repeated often enough: when it comes to your body, and especially your face, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the products used.

Turn to beauty professionals to apply your eyelash extensions.

Particular attention should be paid to the application of the glue. If too much glue is applied, your eyelashes will clump together, like when you put on too much mascara.
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