How do you get beautiful eyelashes?

Do long, thick, curved lashes make you dream? Discover all our tips to get XXL lashes! In order to have beautiful lashes naturally, you should learn how to nourish your lashes, use an eyelash curler or learn how to apply false lashes like make-up artists, find all our tips in this folder. Are you ready to take your eyes to the limits of beauty?

How to have beautiful lashes naturally?

Grandma's tip n°1: when mascara is optional, lengthen your lashes with Vaseline. Simply put a little Vaseline on a brush to moisturize and thicken your lashes. Grandma's tip n°2: castor oil works miracles on your hair but also on your lashes! Applied like petroleum jelly, it densifies the material and helps the lashes to grow well. Tip n°3: curl your lashes with a spoon warmed with hot water. Place it at the root of your lashes and pull it up for 10 seconds. Your lashes will be well curled. Grandma's tip n°4: use a toothbrush, new of course, to brush and shape your lashes. Many other tips for beautiful long and curved lashes can be found in our file.

The eyelash curler: the best way to have beautiful curved lashes.

A must for make-up pros, the eyelash curler is your friend for stunning lashes. Contrary to what one might think, never, use an eyelash curler on eyes with make-up. Once the mascara dries on your lashes, they are more brittle. So, good practice:
  • Remove your eye makeup
  • Use an eyelash comb to properly separate lashes from each other.
  • Place the eyelash curler as close as possible to the root of your lashes without pinching the eyelid.
  • Look ahead and pinch your lashes with the camera.
There you go! If you want to go pro: lightly warm up your eyelash curl with a hair dryer before use. Also remember to regularly change the silicone strip on your little fetish object.

False eyelashes: my ally for a stunning look

If your lashes are thin or you want to have a doe look for a special occasion, bet on false lashes! Several application techniques exist depending on the model chosen. For the best known, you must apply the glue supplied with the false eyelashes precisely on the edge provided for this purpose. Then place it with tweezers on the base of your lashes starting from the inner corner of the eye. You can visit MISENCIL if you want to learn more about buying eyelash extensions. To maximize the application, you can lightly press on the base of the false eyelashes. To finish, apply make-up to the lashes as usual. You can also place the glue directly on the lashes to make sure that the false lashes are glued in the right place. Once you've mastered the application technique, you can have fun applying different types of glue for different occasions. Feathered, coloured, magnetic or decorated false eyelashes... There are many options!
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