Clothing makeover

A clean sweep of the old clothing! Which cuts and shapes enhance your figure and underline your personality, embody your style? We will define it thanks to the clothing makeover, according to your morphology and we will find together the key pieces of your wardrobe. Basics, outfits that can be declined, key accessories. You will know in the future how to direct your purchases. The idea is that you will be able to acquire autonomy in your choices from now on, that you will be able, alone, to choose what will enhance your value.

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There are many parameters to take into account when giving advice on clothing. Indeed, it is not easy to determine the shapes, the cuts of clothes to be preferred as well as those to be avoided: slim or wide trousers, long, short or fitted jacket, straight or flared dress; all the more so as the colours are also to be integrated in your choices. Advice and an outside view can then be of considerable help to you to advance your view of yourself and your wardrobe.
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