Creating false eyelashes for patients undergoing chemotherapy

Four years after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, a British businesswoman decided to launch her brand of false eyelashes suitable for people undergoing chemotherapy. It was a way for this mother of two children to help women affected by cancer to reclaim their bodies. Codilia Gapare, a 41-year-old British businesswoman, has developed false eyelashes for people undergoing chemotherapy. One way she is helping people who are fighting the disease today. Check for more information about eyelash extensions.

Reclaiming her femininity in the face of the disease

"When I was told I had cancer, my world came to an end." In an interview with the BBC, Codilia Gapare looks back on her journey. Gapare, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, says she has taken refuge in femininity to confront the disease. Codilia Gapare, who saw her hair and eyelashes falling out over the days, explains that she faced each new chemotherapy session with bright lipstick, farting blush and glittery dress. It was a way for her to reclaim her body and get better every day. During this period, the businesswoman noticed that there were no commercially available brands of false eyelashes suitable for people undergoing chemotherapy. On the one hand because the glue used to fix the false eyelashes is not recommended for people whose immune system is weakened, but also because most false eyelashes are difficult to fix and to hold on to over time when there are no more eyelashes to hold them on to.

False eyelashes for people undergoing chemotherapy

This observation remained in the corner of his head until the day when, four years after his diagnosis, Codilia Gapare decided to launch C-Lash, her own brand of false eyelashes. It is a product for people who have lost their eyelashes following chemotherapy or due to other disorders such as alopecia or trichotillomania. Composed of an invisible adhesive strip, the false eyelashes sold by Codilia Gapare are very easy to fix on the skin, even if you have no more eyelashes. Codilia Gapare's false eyelashes are sold in the UK for £5.25 and are available online as well as in the Boots chain of stores. She says, "Eyelash curlers are just another way to help people regain control of their lives. A great initiative that we hope will help other women like Codilia.
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