Fleeing metamorphosis and making the choice to appropriate oneself

The fashionable term "makeover" has led to desires for radical changes in appearance, which in my opinion are inappropriate and not at all beneficial to long-term morale. A metamorphosis that does not correspond to anything for you has no use, on the contrary, the return to naturalness will be dazzling because not recognizing you, you will return to your previous habits to find your bearings.

Creating your own style

To create your style, take into account who you are physically and psychologically, base yourself on your naturalness, your tastes and your values in order to generate an evolution in terms of image but also internally. The change of look makes things happen, simply because seeing yourself differently means discovering and revealing a new facet of yourself, as long as it is in line with your own identity and the stage of life you are going through. To be in agreement with your image allows an acceptance and an appropriation of oneself. The main objective is for the person to understand that he or she can feel beautiful just as he or she is, and that what he or she is is his or her greatest wealth, his or her life treasure. This is an excellent reason for not necessarily following the trend if it evokes nothing else to you than to copy on the outside what you are supposed to find on the inside. So to sum up, being at peace with yourself is essential to feel beautiful!
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