How about a little colour?

Are you a fan of black? Why not, black is a sure value guaranteeing class and elegance in all circumstances. True, but... Like all subscribers to this non-colour, you end up getting tired of it, telling yourself that it's a bit sad, that confining yourself to this habit ends up becoming a non-choice. You can consider navy blue and charcoal grey as black, we wear these dark tones as a basis for clothing, especially in winter.

A colorimetry session

It is known as "draping" could help you see more clearly. You will learn to recognize the colors that suit you, those that are in harmony with the natural color of your hair, the color of your skin, the color of your eyes. This method is a true celebration of your naturalness and above all of the unique combination of beauty that you are. Once you have been informed of your colour range, how do you make it your own? By little touches! For example, by investing in a series of small, basic ups representing your palette, you will gently get used to introducing colour into your outfits on a daily basis. You can do the same with scarves, ornaments, costume jewellery, accessories, which will put your foot in the stirrup without forcing you to change your whole wardrobe. Introducing these colours into your habits can be fun, an opportunity to awaken your creativity and finally become indispensable to your balance! Gradually, full black will become rare and your desire for colour will develop.
Creating false eyelashes for patients undergoing chemotherapy
How do you match colours with each other?

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