How to choose your false eyelashes according to the shape of your eyes?

Do you dream of having a bewitching look? Bad luck, genetics didn't give you the beautiful, long lashes you dreamed of. Don't panic, false eyelashes are there to help you. But for a successful result, you have to choose your false eyelashes according to the shape of your eyes. Here are some explanations and solutions. You have small lashes or you simply want to add volume and substance to your eyes? False eyelashes are made for you. Eccentric, sophisticated, natural... There is something for every taste and every occasion. You can visit for more about eyelash extensions. Whether you are an expert in the art of false eyelashes or a beginner, there is a question you must know how to answer: how to choose false eyelashes according to the shape of your eyes? Indeed, false eyelashes can work miracles, but they still need to be adapted to the morphology of the eye.

Which false eyelashes to adopt when you have big eyes?

First of all, the size of the eyes must be taken into account. If they are large, it is better to choose dense fringes that will enhance your expressive look.

Which false eyelashes to choose when you have small eyes?

Conversely, the smaller the eyes, the less the fringe must be provided, so that the look is clear. Therefore, avoid fringes that are too thick and too long and favour the natural effect for an enlarged look. But even if you have small eyes, you can choose thicker false lashes if you want a sophisticated look. Just be sure to make smoky eyelashes worked to harmonize the whole.

Which false eyelashes to choose for round eyes?

If you have round eyes, baby doll false eyelashes (thicker at the base than on the tips and gathered in several small packets spaced apart), are made for you. You'll have the look of a doll, irresistible! If, on the other hand, you want to erase the round aspect of your eyes, choose almond-shaped false lashes with a bevelled shape to stretch the look.

Which false eyelashes should I use for almond-shaped eyes?

You are lucky because almond eyes can afford anything. If you want to keep a natural look, choose false lashes that are similar in shape and length to your real lashes. For a more sophisticated makeup look, however, here's our tip: opt for very bevelled false lashes with the outer lashes longer than the others. In the evening with a doe eye make-up, you will attract all the eyes!

Which false eyelashes to buy when you have slanting eyes?

You too can wear all types of false eyelashes. Bevelled lashes are to open the eyes, straight for a natural look or glitter for party nights. And if you want to break up the narrow side, opt for baby doll effect false eyelashes to round off your look.

Which false eyelashes to choose when you have droopy eyes?

This is all about enhancing the look with false beveled lashes. Indeed, drooping eyes can make your face look tired or sad. So choose shorter false lashes on the outer corners and longer ones in the middle. This will rebalance your eyes and give your face a radiant look.
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