Image consulting and makeover: a different way of looking at things

It's a common occurrence, the women I see arriving in my office are mostly complex, they have a terribly stern look at themselves and no longer manage to look at themselves neutrally: they judge each other and often do not like each other. They often talk about the conflict between the inside and outside of themselves, the discrepancy, the dissatisfaction they feel and live painfully.

Consulting a professional

Consulting a professional in the field of image relationship allows you to see the other side of the mirror. The counsellor applies this neutral gaze, which does not judge, it is addressed to a fully-fledged human being, does not reduce the woman to her image but considers her with respect and empathy. I believe that these exchanges, this benevolence allow us to come back to ourselves, to become aware of our assets and the means of valuing them without judging ourselves, that is the secret. To be in agreement with one's image is essential for a woman and calls upon many parameters, to love, recognize and accept who one is in order to become fully united, proud of one's journey, of one's global image and of oneself. Taking into consideration a person's interiority, listening to her suffering, her internal conflicts, is to approach her soul and allow her to spread all her beauty, the one that makes her this unique being. So yes, it's fascinating, so interesting to welcome hearts that are too often wounded and to see smiling women coming out of my agency, who have smiled, who have taken care of themselves, who have learned to value themselves but also to look at themselves differently with more kindness than they have probably never received before, that's image advice and it's an experience to live, advice for a whole life, to approach their appearance but also their future differently.
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