Morpho face diagnosis

The morpho face diagnosis is a mine of valuable information for making the right image choices. Your counsellor, after taking a few measurements of your face, will be able to tell you what its shape is: oval, round, long, square, rectangle, triangle, inverted triangle, hexagonal.

This will lead to a lot of personalised advice to optimise your potential

The best proportioned face shape is oval because all hairstyles fit it. The objective is therefore to ovalize the other shapes by working on the distribution of volumes on the head and around the face according to the type of hair and style. You will then know which cuts and lengths to choose. Then, you will not make up yourself in the same way whether you have a square or long face, some gestures will have to be adapted, always with the aim of lengthening or fleshing out the face according to its characteristics. Finally, the choice of the shape of accessories, collars or glasses will also be influenced by this diagnosis, all these details that you may never have thought of will then be taken into account to be at your best. As the part of the body most watched, the face communicates constantly, is memorized by your interlocutors, it seems essential to take special care of it, to do everything possible to make it look its best. It is interesting to combine the morpho face diagnosis with other services such as colorimetry and self-make-up lessons in order to complete the enhancement of the face by knowing the most suitable colors and daily make-up. This is what the face make-up or face-hair make-up packages are made for; the morpho face diagnosis is nevertheless possible à-la-carte.
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