Nurturing self-image to express one’s personality

The self-image is rooted in our lives and adapts to our environment. It is a mental representation of ourselves, it is situated between our inner life and our outer image, between intimacy and appearance. The construction of a self-image consists in expressing, coordinating inner identity and social identity, imagining a representation that is fair and worthwhile.

Our clothing choices are a testimony to the quality of our relationship with ourselves

Image counselling helps to take a benevolent look at oneself, to become aware of one's assets in order to learn how to value them. The image consultant's toolbox is made up of relooking techniques: colorimetry, self-make-up lessons, face and figure diagnostics, style analysis. These reliable methods are accompanied by good listening, kindness and sound advice. A mastered look, an assumed image reinforce your charisma in the social sphere, the choice of your clothes is meaningful and can positively guide external judgements whatever the circumstances. Being and appearance, body and mind, envelope and content, these notions seem contradictory, and yet they are interwoven, reflected, complement and nourish each other. The image is not as futile as it seems, appearance is the basis of the social bond. From time immemorial, human beings have wanted to embellish reality and its image, to act on its appearance and refine and control it. The style of dress is the extension of a person, the embodiment of his identity. Personality influences style and reveals who we are and how we live, yet our personality is as unique as our fingerprint.
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