The personal shopper or newfound freedom!

You hate shopping? You work a lot, you don't have the time and prefer to spend your free time with your family and friends? Fed up with the chore of shopping on Saturdays, you have better and more interesting things to do than to face the crowd, the heat, the stress, to finally find nothing and not rest... Obviously, in these conditions, it is not easy to find the pieces you dream of and even less to enjoy it! Yes, but here you are, you have a wardrobe to renew, nothing to wear, the same for your dear and sweet, not to mention the fact that the children don't have clothes to their size anymore, it's growing so fast... Don't panic! Do you know the personal shopper or the personal shopper ? It's very simple, we determine together the list of items to buy and the time needed, which gives you a precise idea of the final price in addition to your usual shopping budget. This saves you time and energy, but also gives you the chance to benefit from the eye of a professional to find you the clothes shapes and colours that suit you! The additional services particularly useful for even more accurate choices: colorimetry and diagnosis morpho silhouette. You will now be free to do what you want with your free time! So don't hesitate, from the basics to the most original pieces, from moderate prices to prestigious brands, there is something for every taste and budget.
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