What are your colours?

In colorimetry, the four seasons method allows you to identify the range of colors that illuminates your complexion, enhances your eyes and your hair. Spring, summer, autumn, winter? Knowing which season is yours will help you to choose the colours of clothes to wear close to the face and will also guide you in the choice of hair or strand colour, make-up and accessories. The colorimetry session consists of a draping test, i.e. draping yourself with coloured fabrics to observe their effect on your face. Which colours are to be preferred? Warm or cold, intense or light tones, then visualize the most rewarding shades, the ones that make you look like a dream and minimize your little flaws. Knowing which colours are right for you is the first step in learning how to show off your best features. Do you want to look good? Why don't you start by wearing your colours?
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