What is a colorimetry session?

It is a draping test that consists of spreading under your face fabrics belonging to different colour ranges in order to determine which ones highlight your eyes, complexion and hair. Well chosen, your colors are your allies to make you glow, illuminate your face, rejuvenate you. If not adapted, they give you a complexion called "liver attack", slightly green, bring out redness, wrinkles and dark circles. It will therefore be very useful for you to know the season you belong to in order to make your clothing choices. During this first essential step of a makeover, your image consultant will first try to determine whether you belong to the cold or warm tone range using silver and gold fabrics. Then it remains to confirm the first vision by continuing with comparisons between warm and cold colours. When you are in the cold tones, you are inevitably summer or winter. If you are in the warm tones, you are spring or autumn. In a second step, the objective is to see if the light or dark shades correspond to you the best, always in comparison with different fabrics in your range. In warm dark tones you are autumn, in warm light tones you are spring. In cold dark tones you are winter, in cold light tones you are summer. Finally, it remains to test the colours in your range to see which ones suit you best and which will be the ones to choose from now on. A last series of draping to see which non-colours suit you. To end the session, you will have to talk about your use of colours, the psychology of colours and how you can use different shades in your everyday clothes. A card with your colors will be given to you and will not leave your handbag to accompany you during your next shopping sessions! Rest assured, for the colours you like and that are not in your season, you can choose them for the lower body, shoes, accessories away from the face. Don't hesitate to contact me for an appointment at the Villeneuve d'Ascq agency! You will learn how to enhance yourself and you will see your self-image evolve. This experience will change the way you dress, make-up and hair are done, in short, the way you take care of yourself.
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