What to buy during the sales?

The month of June is slowly coming to an end and the shopping actions are already multiplying: sales, private sales, coupled sales and other sales of all kinds that remind us that the sales are approaching dangerously! And, what is the best way to make the sales a success than to already start getting ready? Let's take a look at the purchases to be made during the sales to avoid disappointment and follow my advice for successful sales!

How to prepare for the sales?

Before we talk about what to buy during the sales, let's stop for a moment on how to prepare for the sales in store (or on the internet). Before thinking about filling your wardrobe with your new finds, there are 3 points to respect in order to have a successful sale.

Have an overview of your wardrobe

Before buying new pieces on sale, make sure you know exactly what you have in your dressing room. How many skirts, pants, shoes with heels,... to avoid duplication and unnecessary purchases. If you have the courage, you can even take the opportunity to sort through your wardrobe. This leaves room for future new acquisitions and allows us to replace old or damaged parts with new ones.

To do some scouting and prepare a shopping list for the sales

In order not to be tempted by anything and everything (especially anything), I advise you to make a list to respect. In order to make your famous shopping list for the sales, it will be useful for you to do some scouting, either online or in store, it will save you time on D-day.

Set a budget to stick to

Do you tend to get tempted during sales and weaken at the last good deal? Start by buying the items on your list and, if your budget allows, why not fall for the unexpected favourite.

What to buy during the sales?

The trap with sales is finding yourself buying anything because it was supposed to be a bargain. So what to buy during sales or what to buy during sales?

Relying on your list to make successful sale purchase

We base ourselves on his favorites of the year that we haven't especially been able to offer ourselves at full price or a piece that is missing from our dressing room. We rely on her list to avoid spreading ourselves too thin and to make sure we don't get tempted by unnecessary purchases.

Basic vouchers to buy on sale

The basics are those pieces we need to create our outfits. For example, we marry a basic to a stronger piece to avoid too much. The basics are those pieces that will last over time and will not go out of fashion. So we take care to buy them of quality. I give you here an overview of the basics to have in your wardrobe, so you can take advantage of the sales to buy basics that you can count on for several seasons.

Use your purchase budget for the sales for brand name pieces or for more substantial budget

Sales at H&M or Zara are fine, but if you really want to do good business, it's to the brands that you're going to turn. You'll find quality clothes (beware that brand name doesn't always mean quality clothes either), with beautiful finishes and that your budget doesn't allow you during the year. This is the opportunity to buy beautiful pieces at a lower cost.

Buy on sale leather goods and accessories

I can't say it often enough, it's the accessories that make the difference on an outfit. A nice handbag or a nice clutch can therefore be a purchase to make during sales. Take advantage of this opportunity to buy an accessory that will be useful to you all season long, for example. A nice pair of shoes can also be a useful purchase for sales. Sorting through your wardrobe, do you realize that you're missing a pair of nude sandals for the summer or that your favorite pair is starting to get damaged? This is your chance to do something about it!

Beware of false bargains at sales

Even if this t-shirt only costs "only" 5€ or if this pretty dress is sold at 70% off, it doesn't mean it's a good deal! If it's a piece that will stay in your wardrobe, it will always cost too much. So you have to take a good look at the quality of the garment and its finish: does the material crumble quickly, are the seams well done, is the garment in good condition, is the material not too fine,... are all questions you should ask yourself before buying a new piece. If the garment does not fit (too small or too big), we also forget. It's a bad purchase that will stay in your closet. Finally, in order to know if you are making a good purchase, think of 3 different outfits with which you can wear the piece in question. Can you only find one? It is certainly a bad purchase.

Think about shopping online to make your purchase during sales

Most websites offer the possibility to make wishlists that you can prepare in advance to save time on the day of the sale launch. You can also avoid the rush of the first few days by sitting quietly at home with a good glass of lemonade wine. It also allows you to manage your budget more easily by being less tempted by items that are not on your shopping list. And the extra tip? If you're not sure which size is right for you, order both! Of course, you'll need to have a little money on hand, but it's not a bad thing if the item you've set your sights on is out of stock. However, please make sure that you can send back the articles that are not suitable at no cost.
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