Which swimsuit to choose according to your morphology?

The holidays are here and it's time to start packing: beach towel, sunglasses, jeans shorts and swimsuit are often the essentials of our summers. However, it's not always easy to choose the swimsuit that will enhance your silhouette. Let's discover together which swimsuit to choose to feel good at the beach. Before choosing your swimsuit, you first need to know your body type. You don't know yet which morphology you belong to? Read the article how to determine your body type.

Let's discover together which swimsuit to choose according to your morphology

Whether you have an X-shaped, H-shaped, A-shaped or V-shaped silhouette, your morphology will be highlighted with the swimsuit that suits you. Let's take a look at the different morphologies and the bikini tips that depend on them.

Which swimsuit to choose when you have an X or 8 Shape?

As a reminder, the X-shaped silhouette is a silhouette with shoulders and hips in the same alignment while having the waist marked. With this silhouette, you can afford almost any type of swimsuit. If you have a small bust, play visually with pep colors, prints or even ruffles, fringes or frills on the upper body. All originalities are allowed. If you have a large bust, highlight it with a bikini top that fits your chest: rather covering or underwired. Do you want to conceal a small tummy? Think about high-waisted panties that will highlight your marked waist.

Which swimsuit should you choose when you have an H-Shaped figure?

The H-shape silhouette has shoulders and hips in the same alignment with little or no marked waist. Do you have an H-shape silhouette and are you rather androgynous? Don't be afraid to fill out your figure with ruffles or frills. Go for jerseys with very feminine details, preferably tied around the neck to contrast the rectangular side of the silhouette and with a nice low waist panty, you avoid the high waist model for this silhouette. You have an H-shaped silhouette with some curves? Adapt the top of the bikini to the size of your bust: rather covering or underwired if you have a generous bust or a triangle or a bandeau if you have a smaller bust. Also choose one with feminine details and avoid shorties, thinking that they will camouflage small curves. On the contrary, choose bikini briefs that are slightly indented and not too thin on the sides or too covering.

Which swimsuit to choose when you have a figure?

The A-shape silhouette is distinguished by hips wider than the shoulders and generally has a marked waist. So the idea here is to flesh out the top to draw the eye to the upper body. Use upper body colour, prints, patterns or textures. For the lower part of the body, avoid shorts or low waist styles that won't enhance the silhouette and opt instead for a slightly indented style with sides that aren't too thin. Also avoid models to be tied on the hips and the high waist.

Which swimsuit to choose when you have a V-Shape silhouette?

The V silhouette, as opposed to the A silhouette, has shoulders wider than hips. For this silhouette, make sure to fill out the lower body instead. Ties to be tied on the hips, low waist model, ruffles on the hips or frills, everything is allowed. You can also use shorts to fill out your lower body. For the upper part of the body, choose a one shoulders model that will enhance the silhouette, or a model with a plunging neckline that will enhance the bust. Avoid neck ties or headbands and choose thin straps. And don't forget: all body shapes are beautiful, so be happy with your body and show it off proudly on the beach this summer.
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