You are unique

Image consulting consists of looking at you, listening to you, asking you the right questions. The goal is to give you the right advice and benevolence to enable you to fully assume yourself, in coherence with your naturalness, personality and lifestyle. I offer you a tailor-made accompaniment allowing you to access the image that embodies you. The idea is to find, thanks to the techniques of relooking, your style, the one that looks like you and speaks about you, in which you are simply well. The evolution of your image starts with a work on yourself; personality and state of mind are therefore the essential data to be taken into account within the framework of a quality image advice; morphological data are secondary. The objective of a makeover is to reconcile you with your appearance. to move forward by developing serenity and confidence in the service of your life project. Trained in communication, colorimetry, figure and face morphology, make-up, style analysis. We will define the bases of your look, this look that is none other than yourself, this person that you are deeply and this, without spending fortunes. Useful questions for this process are :
  • What do you show others about yourself?
  • What messages would you like to convey to your personal or professional contacts?
  • How do you live yourself? How do you see yourself?
The appearance that you send back, if it is controlled and harmonious, shows a self-knowledge and maturity appreciated by others, whether in the professional, family, seduction or friendship fields. The help of image counselling is very interesting when dealing with transitional periods of life, trials, weight gain or loss, separation, pregnancy, illness, depression or simply the desire for change, creativity or self-discovery. Changing one's image materializes the fact of turning the page... and of nourishing one's self-esteem to regain confidence. Beyond the aspects previously mentioned, this exercise of playing with one's image can be really fun and pleasant, a good moment to share.
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